Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making the Most of Mother's Day

To be sure that Mother's Day goes beyond the flowers and the gift cards, I think we need to be sure that we let our moms know how much she means to us all year long. Some of us are better at Hallmark sentiments than others. Maybe we prefer to write it rather than say it. Or maybe it's easier to show it than say it so we help mom out with something. No matter what--the point is that she knows it.

So when the flower emails stop sending their reminders, let's remember on our own that we need to let mom know she is the best and that she did her best. As any of us that are moms well know--it's the hardest job we'll ever do. I keep reminding my kids that the day will come when, "You'll think I'm a goddess!" I remember when that happened for me with my mom--in fact, saint would be a better word when in retrospect I realized what I had put her through.

So here's to you Mom--though I know you won't read this blog post--and to all the other moms out there. Let's remember to sing our moms' praises today and everyday and look forward to the day when our own kids will do that for us!

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

DIY doesn't have to mean GIA

No matter if you're getting married or throwing a party, you probably have what it takes do much of the pre-planning by yourself. With so many great tools on the internet, unless you really don't enjoy preparing for an event--which you certainly can outsource--there are tools, tips and templates to streamline your event from start to finish.

But what about the day of your event? Do you still want to be dealing with the details as the guests are walking through the door? Do you want to be busy paying out vendors, serving all day, and then cleaning it all up in the end? Wouldn't you rather feel like a guest at your own party?

The way to keep things affordable but be sure that they're still memorable and stress-free is to call in help on the day of your event. You can still do-it-yourself but you won't have to go-it-alone.